Painting and decorating homes have always been our passion. When we first started, which was thirty years ago, we took our time to study the basics of painting and decorating before going in full time.

We began small; painting and decorating people's houses before delving into commercial painting and decor after some time.

Our years of working on domestic buildings really taught us a lot of things that customers usually cared about, some of which include: neatness, reliability, reasonable price, beauty, and of course a perfect finish. Trust us to concentrate on that, and we would like to believe that we are good at it.
We carved a niche for ourselves in the painting industry based on our creativity and style. Right now, MAI SERV LTD has a good number of skilled decorators, painters, supervisors, and estimators. Our staff growth is commensurate with business expansion.
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We ask that you give us the chance to show our expertise in painting and decoration by hiring us. You can even get a free quote and estimate from one of our smart, reliable, and friendly estimators when you come to MAI SERV LTD.
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